Proud to partner

The External Managers Group collaborates with Portfolio Management, Risk and internal asset class teams to align our areas of focus and contribute to overall investment results. Allstate Investments seeks to partner with external asset managers to implement strategies that complement our internally managed portfolio exposures. In some cases, this includes asset classes where we do not have in-house expertise or we have chosen to augment our capabilities through the use of external managers.

We take a disciplined approach to underwriting external partners. In addition to a thorough understanding of specific investment expertise, our due diligence takes into consideration the potential to leverage the relationship beyond the mandate in question. Our most successful partnerships have enabled us to tap into the breadth and depth of resources that our partners possess.

As we implement new relationships, we require strong communication and data-sharing capabilities to ensure that risk and exposures are properly reflected in our internal systems. While the initial start-up process can be time-consuming, we feel the benefits gained are key to building a successful partnership and delivering results for Allstate Investments' clients.

Our External Managers team allows us to augment our existing capabilities in order to generate additional value for Allstate Investments' clients. We are sophisticated investors and work with external managers as partners to help us extend our capabilities and take advantage of market opportunities.

Hiren Parikh
Risk and Return Management