Experienced investors with dedicated capital

Allstate is one of the oldest and most established institutional investors of private equity capital. We’ve come a long way since our origins as a bootstrap venture capital investor in the 1960s, evolving into our position today as a leader in modern private equity on a global scale.

Private equity is a vital component of Allstate Investments’ client portfolios. We strive to deliver attractive long-term returns, and have talented teams pursuing unique themes and opportunities in major markets around the world. Our principal source of investment capital is Allstate’s own balance sheet, so we can create investment solutions that are both flexible and patient.

With offices in Chicago, Northbrook and London, our team maintains close relationships with best-in-breed partners, including private equity firms, independent sponsors, intermediaries and other like-minded investors. Thanks to the collective skills and experience of our group, along with the vast resources of Allstate, we can identify, execute and manage investments in a broad range of industries and strategies.

Our private equity effort is organized around two broad lines of business: Corporate and Infrastructure and Energy.


We are active across a continuum of corporate private equity investing, from providing capital to growth-stage companies to participating in control transactions for mature businesses. We provide equity capital to experienced managers raising traditional funds and to highly capable sponsors of direct transactions. Typical investments range from $15 to $100 million.

Infrastructure and Energy

We seek to take advantage of opportunities in infrastructure and energy, leveraging Allstate Investments’ sector expertise and network of relationships. These investments typically have lower risk and higher yields than our corporate investments, providing differentiated exposure and attractive risk-adjusted returns. Typical investments range from $20 to $100 million.