Experts on the market

Our team takes a client-centered, proactive and innovative approach. We are a group of talented portfolio managers and analysts with diverse backgrounds in the investment industry and a breadth of expertise across financial markets. You’ll find us at the forefront of the industry—active in industry groups and constantly exploring new strategies and opportunities as a part of our continuous evolution.

We seek to provide a challenging, stimulating environment that attracts, retains and develops top talent and fosters thought leadership. Our team is comprised of more than 40 research analysts and portfolio managers. We generate results and protect Allstate’s capital, making us critically important to Allstate’s overall success.

Our strategies are income-focused and include both relative and absolute total returns.

Asset types primarily traded in public markets:

Fixed income
Corporate debt

Municipal bonds

U.S. government and agencies

Distressed debt

Domestic active and passive
Foreign developed
Emerging markets

Short-term investments
Money market funds
Commercial paper