Flexible and creative capital provider

At Allstate Investments, we understand that capital needs don’t always fit in a clear category and in some cases traditional capital markets can be difficult to access. Our mandate is to invest flexible capital opportunistically across asset classes and industries. We concentrate on opportunities that exist due to pockets of inefficiency based on a number of factors or events, including:

  • Dislocated, volatile or nascent capital market conditions
  • Changing regulatory frameworks
  • Misunderstood or complex fact patterns or circumstances
  • Transitory situations

Our team draws from diverse professional backgrounds, including alternative investing, investment banking, restructuring advisory and management consulting, providing complementary skill sets to underwrite complex or non-traditional situations. We leverage the significant resources and deep sector knowledge within our global investment platform to:

  • Inform our underwriting
  • Identify attractive themes
  • Develop unique perspectives

While we adapt investment themes as market dynamics change, we view investment opportunities through a long-term lens. Our typical investment size ranges from $25 million to $100 million, and we can execute through both the primary and secondary markets. Our effort is organized around two strategies:

Non-traditional capital solutions

We provide customized, private financing solutions in underserved or capital constrained situations that are not easily addressed by traditional capital providers. We have the ability to partner collaboratively with sponsors, companies and entrepreneurs to invest across industries in a variety of transaction and security types.

Transaction Types
  • Acquisition financings
  • Refinancings
  • Recapitalizations
  • Restructuring related financings
  • Bridge capital
  • Growth capital
Security Types
  • First lien, second lien
  • Structured credit
  • Structured equity
  • Joint venture equity
  • Co-invest or control equity

Bespoke liquidity solutions

We provide liquidity to holders of securities and financial instruments. We are a reliable, well-capitalized counterparty, and can be an innovative capital provider in a variety of situations. Our thoughtful underwriting process enables us to develop an informed view on valuation across asset types, and our flexibility and appreciation of nuanced transaction dynamics enables us to craft unique transaction solutions to meet stakeholder needs.

Asset Classes
  • Illiquid securities
  • Orphaned financial instruments
  • Post-reorganization equity
  • Underperforming/non-performing assets
  • Stressed/distressed financial asset portfolios