Proactive partners

Allstate Investments spans a diverse, talented group of 300+ professionals well-qualified to support our investing and operating activities. Our collective team experience covers a broad array of asset classes, industries, sectors and geographies. We have a proven track record of delivering strong results by taking a client-centered, proactive, innovative and flexible approach to investing.

300+ Strong

Beyond who we are, it’s where we are. We believe a global presence sharpens our investment expertise, which is why, along with our Northbrook headquarters and downtown Chicago office, we also have an office in London. With eyes and ears across time zones, we keep a steadfast pulse on the market. We’re also proud to partner with top tier global asset managers and sponsors to extend our investing capabilities.

Mastering the Market

From public to private, our asset management groups perform investment underwriting, trading and portfolio management functions. Informed by global research, we have absolute and relative return strategies with short, intermediate and long duration targets.

Realizing Risk

The Risk and Return Management group analyzes portfolio risks and exposures, performs quantitative research and consults with clients. This includes defining investment portfolios and allocations that meet investment needs.

Backed by the Best

We benefit from the full support and expertise of Allstate’s operations, finance, technology, legal and compliance teams. These groups understand the capital markets and work side-by-side with our investments professionals to help deliver returns.

As crucial counterparts, our internal partners provide important insights into portfolio performance, and help ensure:

  • State-of-the-art technology platforms
  • Strong governance and compliance standards
  • Transparent reporting
  • Effective planning and analytical tools
  • Sound legal counsel

Together, we’re proud to support the trusted brand of one of the largest and most well-known publicly held insurance companies.

Socially Responsible Investing

Allstate is invested in socially responsible strategies, like a low-income housing tax credit (LIHTC) portfolio and a Diversity and Emerging Managers program.

We manage these investments to produce solid returns and meet business objectives, while advancing social goals, such as environmental protection, home ownership, community development and opportunities for diverse talent.

Read Allstate’s most recent Sustainability Report for more information about our socially responsible investments