Strong capital. Strong liquidity.

We’re proud to be known as a smart and patient investor with a reputation of strength. Our advantage lies in driving superior results over the long run.

We can:

  • manage with a long investment horizon
  • take advantage of illiquidity premium across markets
  • invest in asset classes with attractive long run diversification properties
  • manage risk economically and dynamically

Our public market teams have a proven skillset and track record, boasting:

  • large portfolio size that creates scale and opportunity
  • significant experience across numerous markets that allows us to consider a broad opportunity set
  • valuable trading, underwriting and analytical skills

Likewise, our private market teams bring diverse skills and experience with a demonstrated approach to selecting partners and fund managers. We:

  • can be a patient, non-controlling source of capital that is attractive to partners
  • value relationships and network to create and leverage opportunities
  • have the resources to design and build attractive strategies that add value on a risk-adjusted basis
  • leverage a solid infrastructure and access to investment insights, such as our proprietary risk and return management framework and global research

Fast Fact

  • More than 300 investment, finance, operations, technology and legal professionals support our investing and operating activities.
  • We oversee individual portfolios that are aligned to support each client’s objectives, and manage underlying portfolios based on business needs.